Electronic cigarette vaping guide – tips for E-ciga lover

29 June, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Electronic cigarette is a leading fashion as a new lifestyle instead of tobacco. At the same time, it is pollution-free for passive smoker comparing to traditional cigarettes. How can we keep an e-cigarette high cycle life? Right operation is vital. Here I organize some notes to help all e-cigarettes lovers form a good habit of using your e-ciga.

  1. Charge the battery timely

When e-cigarette is in low power, the vapor amount would be smaller. Also the atomizer cannot heat completely because of the low voltage, which resulting in burnt flavor. Not good flavor. Therefore, charging needs to be in time.


  1. Usually change your atomizer and cartridge

Atomizer and cartridge are all consumables. Atomizer: the vapor amount will be smaller when the heating coil works on for a long time with the change of resistance. Cartridge: long-time using ofcartridge can cause lots of bacteria that may hurt your lung to some degree. Therefore, change or clear once a day is necessary.


  1. Avoid E-liquid’s overnight accommodation in your cartridge or atomized one

E-liquid will be oxidized if long-time air exposure especially the essence. Vaping next time, the flavor will change a lot. Also, long-time air exposure can cause water in e-liquid which may affect liquid quality totally.